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About Electronic Innovations

Choosing or changing your television & internet providers can be a less than desirable task. Choosing the right partner to guide you through that process can be the difference between a great experience and a terrible one.

You can buy the brands that Electronic Innovations installs from just about anyone these days. Reps in hardware and electronic stores, flyers in the mail box or at the bottom of your shopping bag- ads on the internet or in the phone book- the world is teaming with people ready to sell you internet and TV service- but stop and think to yourself for one moment…

Would you ever call a 1-800 number to get a plumber or an electrician? How about for a heating technician or a landscaper? These are real trades that require skilled and seasoned professionals in your home to deliver on your expectations. Satellite TV installation is no different- You deserve a sales company that understands the real things that happen after you sign up for a service. With a local installation workforce that has an average of 4-5 times the amount of working experience in our field- than the industry average- You can be sure that your Electronic Innovations installation technician will deliver a respectful and efficient installation to your home that is sure to satisfy.

A great experience doesn’t stop after your installation though, Electronic Innovations is proud to employ local community members native to the Central Wisconsin area. We never outsource or sell our customer leads to corporate chains and unlike 3rd party sales affiliates just looking to sell you something, we are there for you after your products are installed.

With a new facility located at 4403 Stewart Ave in Wausau- We welcome the opportunity to serve you as a new customer long into the future. Already have service? We have you covered- Electronic Innovations provides a wide variety of existing customer services such as upgrading your equipment, troubleshooting or repairing a problem, and many others. We will even be glad to review your bill for you to see if there is a way we can help you save money!

Call or stop by today and see the difference having a local company on your side can make. Together, we can make your TV and Internet experience a great one!